 Locally developed Ambulance complies with all regulatory requirements
 Comprehensive list of customisation options available under warranty
 Ambulance available nationally from R607 999

September 23, 2021, Centurion. Mahindra has combined the expertise of its engineers, its technical
partners, its assembly facility in Durban and its Gauteng-based Special Fitment Centre to launch an allnew
Pik Up Ambulance.
Based on the Mahindra Pik Up S6 Single Cab Chassis Cab, the new Pik Up Ambulance offers go-anywhere
medical mobility for first responders and medical staff, especially in rural areas and to reach crisis sites
through off road or through rubble and debris.
The new Pik Up Ambulance is converted with a double-walled and insulated ambulance cabin. These
proven underpinnings and the support from Mahindra engineers mean that the model carries a full
factory warranty and is available as either an S6 Single Cab 4×2 or S6 Single Cab 4×4.
“The Mahindra Pik Up has proven itself as capable, supremely reliable yet affordable to purchase and
maintain. It has become a trusted partner to the public and private sectors which often have fleets of Pik
Up models on site.
“This widespread acceptance by businesses and the government has inspired us to investigate other
applications, such as the Ambulance, which will allow companies to easily add the vehicle to their
existing fleet,” says Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa.
While there are significant customisation options, the Pik Up Ambulance was created with feedback
from medical professionals to ensure that it fits the broadest range of applications from the onset. The
range of custom options are available directly from Mahindra and are also covered by comprehensive
warranty support.
These requirements include an access ramp to enable the smooth transition of the patient from curb to
cabin, with the roll and cot stretcher included in the package specifications. There is an additional spine
board that is flush fitting and secured to the side.
The canopy itself is double-walled and insulated, with frosted laminated side windows and one-way
windows in the rear. The floor is shock-proof and has been treated with a hard-wearing anti-skid
Inside the ambulance cabin, Mahindra has fitted a range of medically approved equipment that is not
only easy to reach and use but allows most customers to buy and use the ambulance without requiring
additional customisation and certification.
The range of equipment includes an air conditioner linked to that of the driver cabin, a fresh water
system with basin, oxygen tanks, an intercom, interior LED-lighting, a swivel rear spotlight and storage
space that double up as a bench. This equipment, and the additional power points in the rear cabin, are
powered from an additional battery system fitted in the engine bay.
Each Pik Up Ambulance also has a public address system with siren, a regulation set of red and orange
emergency vehicle lights and a range of decals for each province and application.
“By funding the testing, development and certification costs at the start of this project, we have made it
much easier and more affordable for companies and the public sector to purchase a hard-wearing, offroad-
ready ambulance,” says Rajesh. The S6 also includes luxuries such as cruise control and air
conditioning fitted as standard. The standard Pik Up S6 has a ground clearance of 210 mm, with an
approach angle of 34 degrees, a departure angle of 15 degrees and a breakover-angle of 18 degrees. The
bakkie is certified to tow a braked trailer of up to 2 500 kg and it has a combined fuel consumption of
only 7.7 litres per 100 km.
The Pik Up with Ambulance Specification builds on the already-impressive safety credentials of the
standard Pik Up, meaning that no additional changes were required here. Every Pik Up model offers dual
front airbags, ABS brakes with EBD, side-impact protection, and seatbelt reminders as standard.
Also standard, is the Pik Up’s impressive performance and durability. Each Pik Up model is fitted with
Mahindra’s tried and tested mHawk turbodiesel engine with common-rail direct injection. This engine
delivers 103 kW and 320 Nm.
The Mahindra Pik Up Ambulance joins the recently launched Pik Up Game Viewer and the Mining
Specification Pik Up double cab in Mahindra’s growing portfolio of locally developed and built special Pik
Up models.
The Mahindra Pik Up Ambulance is available at the following prices:
Mahindra Pik Up Ambulance S6 4×2: R607 999
Mahindra Pik Up Ambulance S6 4×4: R655 999