With travel restrictions lifted, health and safety should remain top of mind for eager tourists planning their much-awaited getaways. 

But many people are still not sure how to navigate tourism or practice responsible tourism in a post-andemic world.

We stumbled upon an interesting read you might want to check out, an in-depth guide called How To Practise Responsible Tourism & Travel During Covid-19.

It shares essential and up-to-date information on:

  • Key trends and statistics around travel and tourism and what to expect going forward.
  • How to plan a safe and responsible holiday – including a list of the safest countries to travel to.
  • Advice around travel entry restrictions, testing and quarantine requirements, vaccine passports, and travel green lists.
  • Helpful resources to make better-informed decisions about when and where to travel to. 

The research found that: 

  • 68% of would-be tourists want to spend money supporting the local economy of their destination,
  • 93% of young adults feel more inspired to travel now than before the pandemic, and
  • 55% of people surveyed said they wanted to travel for at least 14 days or longer.

Check it out here – you have nothing to loose!