My Smart City secures 27 000 citizens to shake up service delivery on its ‘crowd pushing’ platform.

South African citizens, logging service delivery issues with My Smart City, have seen a three to fourfold improvement in turnaround times in major metropolitans across the country.

“My Smart City has reported a three- to fourfold improvement in resolving service delivery issues like water outages, broken traffic lights, potholes, and power outages reported on the platform. These stats prove that My Smart City is making great strides in tackling service delivery issues that citizens are wrestling with”, said Joao Zoio, CEO of Acumen Software.

Improved resolution of service delivery issues is partly due to the free, privately funded platform investing in a dedicated dispatch centre. The dispatch team ensures logged issues on the My Smart City platform go through the correct channels and make follow-ups on behalf of citizens.

All pending faults are expedited by the dispatch centre ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

“Many historical systems are voids and pacifiers where service delivery complaints and issues get lost, buried and forgotten. My Smart City escalates and pushes for the resolution of service delivery challenges through our dispatch centre”, says Zoio.

My Smart City (MSC) has created an environment where citizens stand together, and effect change in their cities through ‘crowd pushing’. More than 27 000 citizens are tracking their logged issues in real time, from the MSC platform. This ‘crowd pushing’ effect generates real action and meaningful change. The goal is to relieve service delivery frustrations for citizens by streamlining workflows through innovative and user-friendly technology.

Kennedy Mogotsi, COO of Acumen Software

“We have developed a free-to-use platform using private equity funding to give all of us a voice in the repair and maintenance of our cities. The easy-to-use and transparent platform promotes accountability through technology”, said Kennedy Mogotsi, COO of Acumen Software.

My Smart City believes that the private sector and citizens have a role to play in the economic recovery and maintenance of our cities. The platform allows citizens to engage all service providers directly from their mobile device and log, manage and track reported issues in real time. Citizens receive feedback and prioritisation of tickets with access to details around the faults logged.

These systems have proven there is common ground and vision to be found when technology, which is impartial, unemotional and independent, is used to get projects that promote positive change moving forward. These technologies assist city officials by automating stagnant processes and minimising human error.

MSC is a powerful administrative tool used to resolve asset management issues within cities. It is a tool that builds trust and accountability and mends relationships between all stakeholders. 

My Smart City is available on the Apple App Store,  Google Play Store and the My Smart City Website.