Check out these 12 reasons why Margate is a tourism hot spot on the KZN South Coast.

Considered the ‘Fun Capital’ of the KZN South Coast, the idyllic seaside town of Margate really has something for everyone. From outdoor experiences in nature reserves and on beaches, through to great dining and retail offerings, Margate continues to attract attention for all the right reasons.

“Margate is a well-established tourism hub and with the current trend focused on outdoor adventures and experiences, the area is ready to welcome even more tourism attention,” said Phelisa Mangcu, CEO of Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT). “For those who’ve never had the opportunity to visit this incredible KZN South Coast town, we’re shining the spotlight on 12 of the top reasons that Margate is the place to visit.”

1.       Year-round great weather and Blue Flag beaches

The KZN South Coast enjoys a subtropical climate which means, even when the winter months approach, visitors can enjoy the incredible beaches and outdoor offerings found in Margate. In fact, the winter weather is particularly welcoming, with milder temperatures; clear, sunny skies; and calm seas. The town is also home to the internationally-recognised Blue Flag beach, Lucien Beach, which is on the northern part of Margate Main Beach. Holidaymakers can enjoy bathing, snorkelling and surfing along this popular coastline.

2.       Fishing

The KZN South Coast is known for its quality fishing spots with Margate Pier one of the area’s finest. In winter, anglers flock to Margate as the world-famous Sardine Run gets underway, providing anglers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the big catch. As the sardines head north close to the shore, they bring with them a range of hungry fish, making this a prime spot for fisherfolk. The cooler months are also accompanied by the annual humpback whale migration, a spectacle that can be viewed from Margate’s Whale Deck.

3.       Accommodation

Margate offers visitors an expansive variety of accommodation, suited to every need, taste and budget. From oceanside caravan parks and self-catering accommodation, through to charming B&Bs and top hotels, there’s somewhere for everyone to stay.

4.       Restaurants

Visitors will never go hungry in Margate, a vibrant town that boasts a number of great restaurants serving delicious dishes, with many of the eateries offering ocean views. Some of the popular restaurants to try include Aura Restaurant, Level 10 Lounge, Bar and Grill, Mozambique, The Grove, Zuri Beach Restaurant and Senzi’s on Faya Shisanyama.

5.       Golfing

It’s not known as ‘The Golf Coast’ for nothing! Margate Country Club is one of 11 top golf courses found within the KZN South Coast. This particular course includes a number of interesting water features – such as the ravine which makes the 11th hole the most challenging of the round. Margate Country Club caters to golfers of all abilities, while the clubhouse has great facilities and landscape views.

6.       Rickshaw Ride Experience

Experience the Margate seaside differently with a unique rickshaw ride! The innovative Rickshaw Ride at Margate Beach, launched in 2021, gives visitors the chance to see the sights and sounds of Margate while supporting local operators.

7.       Arts and Crafts

Get to grips with the cultural heritage and unique talent of Margate by taking a tour of the Margate Art Museum or Sebenza Village. Margate has a vibrant local art scene, the results of which can be viewed in the museum. For those looking for quality, handmade arts and crafts, Sebenza Village is a must-visit destination.

8.       Hiking and Birdwatching

The glorious 28-hectare River Valley Nature Reserve consists of walking trails along the banks of the river into the riverine forest which is home to many interesting birds. Once in River Valley, twitchers can look out for the green-backed heron, tambourine dove, grey or purple-banded sunbird, grew waxbill and brown scrub robin.

9.       Shopping

If a bit of retail therapy is called for, then visitors can head to Hibiscus Mall where ‘convenient shopping blossoms’. This friendly and spacious shopping centre is the ideal one-stop shop before heading out and enjoying the many Margate tourism offerings.

10.   KwaNzimakwe Experience

Nearby Margate is KwaNzimakwe, a beautiful rural village between Mpenjati Nature Reserve and Ezinqoleni. Visitors can participate in art and craft making while learning about the rich cultural history through a guided tour. There is also an exciting trail network where hikers, birdwatchers and 4×4 enthusiasts can experience the natural beauty of the region.

11.   KwaXolo Caves

Another fantastic cultural hinterland excursion close to Margate is the KwaXolo Caves Adventures, a mountainside hike along a cable-and-rung system to the caves adorned with ancient San artwork. This pristine range of caves, just inland of Margate, has preserved San paintings that are over 100 000 years old.

12.   Accessibility

Getting to Margate is a simple matter! For those coming from afar, there’s the local Margate Airport as well as the King Shaka International Airport accessible along the N2. There are a number of Margate coach and airport services which make getting to this seaside village very easy.

The outdoors are in this winter so discover the beautiful beaches, incredible eateries, coastal forests and great golfing of Margate!

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