An African Safari Collective adventure awaits you!

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic dealt a catastrophic blow to businesses across the world. Few industries were as hard hit as travel and tourism. By mid-2020, employment in tourism in South Africa had plummeted from 1.5 million jobs to just over 980,000 jobs – and declining – a massive 35% nosedive.

At the very first announcement of lockdown conditions in March 2020, one dynamic group of lodge owners banded together and took immediate action – these five South African lodges joined forces to create the African Safari Collective. This transformative collaboration is dedicated to delivering a quintessential African hospitality experience while pioneering an innovative, out-of-the-box business model that brings the country’s tourism revenue back home.

When Covid-19 took all our guests away, our five founding lodges alone fed 2,000 people, and supported over 6,000 children and over 200 teachers in 29 rural schools and créches – every day, without income,” says Quinten Vivier, director and co-founder of the group. “We had to think differently, and that’s why we’re still here today.”

How is this concept different?

The real difference lies in the collective’s transformative and inclusive business model, which rewards maximum revenue – not just to the lodges, but also their staff and the communities that are supported by tourism.

  • End-to-end, reduced-cost bookings – African Safari Collective’s everyday activities include powerful sales and marketing strategies that generate global awareness of South Africa as a destination. As a result, booking costs are reduced and local partners gain greater ownership of the end-to-end guest experience. Consequently, through the collective’s shareholder model, even more of what travellers are paying reaches the partnering suppliers and the staff providing the service on the ground.
  • Co-ordinated collective marketing strategy – African Safari Collective’s combined budget powerfully puts its travel partners on worldwide customer radars, especially in promising new markets.
  • Shareholder model – All hospitality partners are given shares in the organisation, for free. Profit dividends are split equally between the founding members, partnering lodges, as well as every staff member employed at partner lodges. This gives community members at a grassroots level the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, business activities beyond their everyday jobs in hospitality.
  • Innovative customer-centric booking benefits – African Safari Collective’s booking cancellation policies have been clear from the word ‘go’. In a time where flexibility is key, the collective is set apart by 100% money-back guarantees on cancellations, and discounts of up to 10% for multi-lodge bookings.

The collaboration comprises top accommodation and adventure experience providers, together forming a one-stop-shop for South African holidays. In addition, the group offers specialist travel management support, seamlessly coordinating tourist journeys that are safe, sustainable and spectacular.

A new way of doing tourism

African Safari Collective introduces a new way of doing business. Giving depth and meaning to their motto ‘let’s go further together’, the group facilitates success for all of its partners through profit share and close collaboration, where one establishment’s success is truly everyone’s success.

Vivier adds, “We’re an inclusive organisation, deeply committed to providing real solutions for the challenges faced on the ground. Beyond keeping families fed, we’re tasked with keeping critically endangered animals alive and preserving biodiversity. As custodians of our wilderness regions, we include communities and make sure they participate in the success of the businesses they work in… We can do so much better at this when we work together.”

Travel partners who join African Safari Collective can expect to enjoy a range of benefits that include:

  • Equitable sharing of success
  • Local and international marketing and sales support
  • Cutting edge reservations and itinerary services
  • Improved sales, occupancies and yields while saving costs
  • Shareholder opportunities within the organisation
  • Free trade webinar opportunities
  • Sharing collective ideas and innovation
  • Collaboration with like-minded organisations
  • Increased overall sustainability


African Safari Collective is giving away two luxurious getaways, to two lucky couples. The first prize winner will receive a romantic two-night escape for two, to an African Safari Collective property – the first prize draw will take place in August 2022.

All entrants will also be entered into the grand prize draw, and stand a chance to win an exhilarating 12-day tour for two people, to visit multiple African Safari Collective destinations. Grand prize winners will be drawn on the 1st of September 2022.

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