A Powerful Royal Job Creation Enterprise

Bayede! is the only royal brand trademarked for the African continent, and endorsed by His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini


It is the only black-owned wine company that has expanded its horizons into the beer and spirits market, with the new Royal Brandy being launched on His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini’s 70th birthday in July. Through the formation of strategic partnerships and joint-ventures, Bayede! manages to grow this brand locally and internationally.

His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini, the initiator of the Bayede! brand, has long expressed his desire to create sustainable jobs for the communities. This is where Bayede! Marketing became involved, after being formed in 2009, when His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithinii met Antoinette Vermooten and expressed his desire to create sustainable jobs especially for women in rural areas. After a chance meeting of these two minds, it was decided to develop a Royal brand that will ignite industries.

Bayede! started with three bottles of wine and to date, they are proud to state that over one million bottles have been sold.

The Bayede! brand reflects 200 years of history beginning from when the great King, Shaka Zulu was uniting the nations through the Bayede salute—a salute that, to this day, is reserved exclusively for the Zulu king.

Along with Antoinette Vermooten, Bayede! Marketing realised the importance of protecting the intellectual property of the Zulu Royal household and the Zulu nation, thus, Bayede! Marketing Pty Ltd was formed as well as Zulu IP Holdings Pty Ltd.

“The question, however, was how were we going to create these sustainable jobs? We did this through value-adding and Royal Bayede!TM, which serves as a vehicle. A powerful Royal job creation enterprise, Bayede! is the only Royal brand trademarked for the African continent. All the Bayede! Royal wines are adorned with beadwork created by women in rural areas and, to date, R750 000 was paid for beading ladies in different parts of the country. It is amazing to see the impact on people’s lives and that is what drives Bayede!,” Vermooten enthuses.

In July 2018, His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini will be celebrating his 70th birthday. He is the second-longest reigning king in history and also the longest-reigning king in Africa, currently. To mark these celebrations, Bayede! formed a partnership with Oude Molen, the oldest distillery in South Africa, to develop a Royal Brandy.

“The first Royal Brandy will be handed to His Majesty the King on his birthday. Bayede! Royal wines is part of the transformation process in the SA wine industry and has received much support,” says Vermooten.

The Bayede! winemaker, Altus le Roux, has been selecting and crafting wines for the Bayede! ranges. Once again, history was made when Bayede! wine was selected for the world-class Nederburg Wine Auction, to be held in September 2018. Bayede! is the first black owned brand to be selected for this prestigious auction.

“There is still a perception that black wines are inferior, but this has proven to be false. Bayede!, which collaborates with other black-owned brands, is proud to say that we can compete with any other world-class wines in terms of quality and consistency. While there is still a long way to go before the South African wine industry has been successfully transformed, significant progress has been made,” Vermooten says.

The new legislation and BEE scorecard provide more opportunities for previously disadvantaged people to partner with wine suppliers. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Vinpro have provided incentives that assist new entrants into this industry.

Wine is only one of the products that Bayede! has in its Royal portfolio. Bayede! also develops Bayede! rooibos tea, dried fruits and nuts, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is a brand that is proudly South African.

The Bayede! mission is to encourage young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. The DTI plays an instrumental role in allowing small enterprises like Bayede! to partake in international trade shows.

“These sorts of funds are available and should be utilised by entrepreneurs, thus, I always say, if you want to start a business in South African and you don’t, then the fault lies with you. There are many avenues and South Africa needs entrepreneurs, new thinkers and new brands,” Vermooten explains.

The IP of the brand is very important and, of course, the quality should complement the brand. New ways to access the market need to be explored.

Says Vermooten, “Our focus lies on the beginner drinker. The Bayede! Prince range is ideal—full of great quality at a good price.

“The King range is the mid-level range, with our HM King Goodwill Jubilee and Shiraz both being awarded Gold International awards. The 7 icon is also historical as it united seven well-known wine estates into one brand.

“Our dream is to be the wine of choice, the wine that the majority of the African continent relates to, and the brand from Africa for Africa,” Vermooten explains.

In terms of exports, Bayede! manages to export to China, Brazil, Canada and Germany. Through the Shoprite Group, they have also managed to distribute in Africa.

“While getting listings with hotel groups and retailers could prove challenging, at Bayede! we don’t give up. Currently, we are listed with selected Tsogo Sun, Marriot and Sun International Groups. As a company, we take it step by step as we know this is part of our heritage, history and future,” Vermooten says.

There is a shift in wine consumption and Bayede! wants to focus on what the people want. Ultimately, they’d like to have a wine education programme to teach people about wine—many think that the high-priced wine is always the best, but that is not always the case, says Vermooten.

“There is a lot more to wine than just the drinking. Bayede! wines offer a story, altruism, an experience and exceptional quality. Bayede! long live the King!” Vermooten concludes.

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