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“What would your life look like if you could create anything that your heart truly desires to be happy, content and successful? A life free from the strain of survival and filled with abundance, joy and blissful adventure? Would that future possibly feel like you could walk though raindrops?” This is the research question Brett poses to future participants on his Smiling Soul Retreats. The Retreats are taking the transformation adventure world by storm!

“I believe that to fall deeply in love with life is the meaning of life, so that nothing challenges you as much as it used to, and life becomes more of a breeze, than an uphill battle,” says Shuttleworth. “I feel this is what everyone yearns for. We then attempt to fulfil this yearning of feeling loved and accepted though external pursuits. This includes things such as relationships, lavish living, externally driven success, fame, money or acknowledgement. “I experienced this personally in my own chase for fame, success and glory right up to my early thirties. Even though I attained huge success as a professional sportsman, supermodel and Hollywood actor I found that I was still not happy. I then embarked on a quest to uncover what truly would make my soul smile. When I went to India in search of this answer I realised that our unconscious upbringing or failures to find happiness in the past don't have to stop us from attaining it now. We just need to know how to go about it. This is why I have created the Smiling Soul Retreat: To address this quest and end the seeking for love. Because what you are seeking is also seeking you!

“Life should be immensely joyful, and something deep within your heart recognises this. It is my intention to bring this joy and sparkle back into the life of every participant that joins me on one of our Retreats.”

The shifts that participants report they experience during each retreat and the awe inspiring feedback after they return, are testimony to Brett’s power as a facilitator.

“I don’t have every answer to life and I don't believe there is one single right answer, approach or theory as we are all uniquely significant,” Shuttleworth says. “I feel that as life is always evolving and moving in the unknown, that is where the answers lie. Therefore I feel it’s important to sharpen our skills to listen to our heart’s wisdom and intelligence which is connected to all of life’s flow. Wisdom lies in living from this place of perpetual discovery. This is the only way to ultimately succeed in all areas of life.”

Though practices such as Hojo, a form of Japanese Martial Arts practiced in pairs using hand crafted wooden swords, as well as a meditation technique Shuttleworth teaches, participants learn to become the creators of their destiny. “This happens when there is space between the mind’s chatter and the awareness which guides us naturally to a place of our own inner wisdom,” he affirms.

Flavour of each experience

South Africa, a rainbow nation with a multitude of people and cultures co-existing in harmony to a large degree, provides a perfect landscape and gift for participants to walk away with the awakening of Love. This is the essence of Brett’s message.

The ethos of each retreat is an exciting and joyous celebration of the fullness of life in all it’s aspects and colour. Participants take a journey through some of the unique destinations South Africa has to offer.

“I have chosen spectacular destinations and activities to best facilitate the transformation that I teach as we travel, taking participants beyond their comfort zone. Each location has been included to support each teaching,” Shuttleworth says.

“We have carved a unique journey, staying at hotels which are reflective of the beauty and character of each location. These blend seamlessly with local communities leading to a hugely authentic and fun destination experience!”

Awakening into love

Unique destinations are balanced with hitting main stream attractions such as Johannesburg and Durban. Johannesburg is a melting pot which holds the character of the whole continent. Durban is set on a backdrop of breathtaking and pristine portions of the Indian Ocean, and the perfect antidote to all activity. It is the place to let go, experience a free-spirited taste of living and allow balance to find you.

“One of the key features of the Retreat are the 7 Core Fundamentals I share which all great legends live by. In addition, in my opinion, no true South African experience would be complete without sharing insights from the life of my personal hero, Nelson Mandela. The principles he lived and stood for all point towards Love. I also feel it is important to honour that which has honoured us. So as part of the Retreat, we visit the Nelson Mandela Foundation and take a tour of Constitutional Hill and the Apartheid Museum. We take a spectacular journey up the Garden Route to Cape Town. We pay homage to Mandela’s message at Robben Island. We then end with a meditation session before we leave,” Shuttleworth concludes.

Other inspiring and fun activities include enriching cultural and nature activities at Nirox sculpture park; a hike along Hennopsriver; tour of a traditional market; an introduction to African Spirituality by a traditional Sangoma; swimming in rock pools; evening Sundowners Hike and a traditional game dinner.

All participants have loved the immensely enriching travel experience. What they have alluded to as being one of their greatest highlights are friendships for a lifetime. The most significant facet of the Retreat however has been Brett’s facilitation. This is the heartbeat of the retreat which results in the discovery to their most urgent quest: “If love is the ultimate success would you start anew?”

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