by Simon Scoot

Bettering SA's hospitality

Reconnect to our idea of 'local'...

Bettering SA's hospitality
Bettering SA's hospitality

As a generation of global travellers, are we all seeking to reconnect to our idea of local?
With globalisation impacting on the way we live, more people than ever before are travelling overseas for work, to study and gain international exposure.

As part of this modern movement, are we losing our sense of what is truly local? And when we get back home, it has changed so much that we become tourists in our own cities. Many travel abroad for business during the week and return home at weekends, and are looking to reconnect with their own community and their perfect definition of 'local'.

In a global partnership with TED – the revolutionary platform devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading” – InterContinental Hotels and Resorts embarked on the ‘Future of Local’, a thought-provoking conversation on local identity in a globalised world.

The hospitality industry needs to find ways of helping guests collect “social currency” and uncover information only locals have. "Our role is to be a community hub, which connects our guests with local people and culture. This can be done through redesigning concierge areas to create a more consultative environment and introduce dedicated apps that share the concierge’s insider knowledge about the local area, which is what InterContinental is currently doing," said Simon Scoot, VP of Global Brand for InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.

Communities are increasingly relying on hotels to provide information to help them understand what local actually means. Travellers look to their hotels as hosts, providing the opportunity to interact and develop connections with local people, while locals appreciate hotels that provide engaging experiences that resonate with their own cultural realities. Balancing the expectations of global travellers while still surprising and delighting them with local colour will be key to the hospitality business in the future.

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