Big Game Park and Kyle Deutsch join forces

World Rhino Day 2016 collaboration


Rhinos. These magnificent creatures have been admired by man for generations, yet a plight that affects these huge beasts is a battle that has been fought for, for almost as long.

Statistics show that since 2008, almost 5,940 African rhinos have been poached and this figure increases yearly!

However, the brave and courageous efforts of those such as Save the Rhino and Big Game Parks have helped to preserve the Rhino species. The 22nd September marked World Rhino Day and Big Parks along with Kyle Deutsch, SA Idols finalists, and Mozaik Ngwenya collaborated to create an amazing Rhino Song called “Bhejane” - an African song of hope and love for the Rhino.

The song which was launched on World Rhino Day was in celebration of the Rhino and Rangers. The video for this song was filmed on the Big Game Parks reserves in Swaziland, which Kyle fell in love with on a visit to the country earlier this year.

Big Game Parks views the poaching issue as an African issue, and although Swaziland’s Rhino story continues to be a positive one, they have not been immune to the challenges. Poaching continues to be an underlying threat to any Rhino, and Swaziland’s rhinos are no exception. Conserving the Rhino is no secret and the need to embrace a larger audience in a positive way is more important than ever.

Saving these majestic animals is a fight that every human should embrace. Because saving the Rhino is not just for us, but for our children’s children.

To watch the Kyle Deutsch music video click here

For more information on Swaziland and all it has to offer, contact The Swaziland Tourism Authority 011 702 9602 visit

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