Holidays are Essential to our Well-being

It's almost September and spring is very nearly upon us


It’s almost September and spring is very nearly upon us and while it’s the season of happy rejuvenation, it’s also the time when the mad rush begins where last efforts are made to achieve 2017’s personal and professional goals. Companies demand more of their staff, clients demand more of their suppliers and before we know it we’re immersed in year-end madness.

The last thing on your mind would be to take a break but booking a few days off is exactly what WorldVentures; the world’s largest curator of group travel recommends. 

Various studies conducted around the world indicate that people who go on more holidays reap the following benefits:

  • Lower stress levels and thus lower blood pressure and less risk of heart disease
  • A reduction in blood glucose levels reducing the risk of diabetes
  • An increase in energy levels, contentedness and general health and well-being
  • Weight loss (related to decreased levels of the stress-induced hormone Cortisol) and enhanced mood
  • Improvement in quality of sleep
  • And an improved rate of resilience to stress once you return to work

We can agree that the above benefits of going on holiday are enough motivation to book a short getaway before the last quarter of 2017 kicks into high hear.

A quick September holiday doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either – the idea isn’t to add financial pressures to work pressures. A long weekend somewhere in beautiful South Africa when the leaves start to sprout on the trees and the grass starts to turn green and the sunsets linger a little longer is a perfect getaway to refuel.

Here are some quick ideas to help you to get started:

  • A bush holiday while it’s still cool enough to spot the animals at waterholes and feeding spots.
  • A seaside holiday as there is nothing as relaxing as lying under an umbrella while listening to the waves crashing against the shore.
  • A hike in the mountains where the flowers are beginning to bud and the streams are beginning to flow more heavily with the promise of the first rains of the season.

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