by Jason Harter

How to tread lightly

Tips for green travel

How to tread lightly
How to tread lightly

You're probably quite environmentally friendly when you're at home. You always remember to turn off the lights before you go to bed; switch off appliances you aren't using and recycling is a part of your daily routine. However, like most people, these good habits of yours tend to go out the window when you're on vacation.

Here are some pointers to help you to become a more eco-friendly traveller:


By selecting appropriate modes of transportation you can be friendlier to the environment. For example, if you're planning to drive across the country consider a form of public transportation so that you are not expelling extra pollutants into the air. When you arrive at your destination, look into buses, trains and subways as opposed to rental vehicles.

Still recycle

When you're in the hotel room, it's easy to just toss everything into the trash. But rather, upon arrival at the hotel or resort, ask what the recycling policy is and where you should put all of your recyclable items. You may even want to consider putting a bin in your room specifically for these items. Then when you decide to leave your room each morning or afternoon, you can take them to the hotel's recycling deposit.

Eat organic

You probably know that organic foods are better for the environment and animals when it comes to meat products and you're probably also aware of the health benefits associated with organic foods. Depending on where you are, a variety of organic restaurants might be available. Since these types of foods are becoming more popular in day-to-day life, it is also getting easier to find restaurants that serve them. Ask the hotel staff if they know of any in the nearby area. As far as snacks for the room go, make sure that you are buying organic ones to keep in stock for when you get hungry.

Basic principles

It's easy to forget even some of the most basic energy saving principles while you're away on vacation. For instance, if you go down to the pool for the day you might be tempted to leave the air-conditioning running in your room. But just think about all of the electricity you are using unnecessarily. If you are really hot after lying out in the sun all afternoon, the air-conditioning is not going to take long to kick back in. On top of that, you might want to make sure you are turning off the lights when leaving your room.

When traveling we tend to lose or inhibitions and with these sometimes our responsibilities. What we need to remember is that we can still have an enjoyable holiday while being environmentally responsible.

Author Jason Harter is a public health professional who promotes being eco-friendly as a way to further public health. He obtained his degree from one of the Top 10 Best Online Masters in Public Health Degree Programs.


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