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What defines you as a woman? Is it your hair? Your lipstick? Your perfect wings? 

Is it your presence as a whole? Is it the light you bring to those around you or the glow
that remains when you leave? 

Scent shapes our memories.
Fill up on confidence with these Exclusive Iconic Connex Perfume Atomisers. Sleek, discreet and easy to use, this nifty device is sure to become a fast bestie along with your favourite lipstick. 
Bring your light daytime scent or your alluring night time perfume along with you wherever you go, from the important meetings with clients to a romantic date with that special someone, you can be invigorated to face the world with the press of a button.
Exclusive Iconic Connex Perfume Atomisers are sure to bring a smile to your face as you freshen up with your trademark scent wherever you are. Feel continuously confident with this easy to refill, easy to use device.
Move over diamonds, girls have a new best friend now.
Always be prepared to create new memories at any point. With a spritz of this dynamite device, you can become the beautiful bombshell or the seductive goddess you are meant to be in seconds. Big moments come along all the time, always be ready for yours.
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