Inverdoorm Game Reserve

Elephants now free roaming at Inverdoorn Game Reserve

Elephants now free roaming at Inverdoorn Game Reserve

For the first time in 150 years we are proud to announce that there will be free roaming Elephants in the Ceres Karoo, after many trials and hard work, two bull elephants have been released into a 10 000 hectare private game reserve. Both animals were born and brought up in captivity, for the first time in their lives, they will experience life to its fullest, freedom and a home in which they can live care free.

Inverdoorn Game Reserve has once again pushed the bar in conservation, bringing the Big 5 to Cape Town’s door step.  This is one of 3 major projects which Inverdoorn has been the pioneers of, after very successful work in launching the WCCC in 2001 and making this Cheetah Conservation effort world renowned, Inverdoorn also launched Rhinoprotect late in 2011 to aid the fight against Rhino poaching with a revolutionary horn treatment.

More than just another tourism attraction close to Cape Town, Inverdoorn Game Reserve has become a beacon of true conservation in the area, where locals and foreign visitors alike, can experience African wildlife in their natural habitat, where 30 different species roam freely and create a paradise for all to see. These two pachyderms are now our main priority and their wellbeing is of utmost concern, so for the next couple of weeks we will allow them to have a settling in period in which they can get acquainted with their new habitat and adjust peacefully, once this period is over they will be released into the main reserve where all of our guests will be able to view them while out on safari.

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