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Mountain Biking - Blog Entry 21

Spine of the Dragon - Blog Entry 21

Mountain Biking - Blog Entry 21
Mountain Biking - Blog Entry 21

Day 40

Start: Anysberg
Finish: Matroosberg
Distance: 121km
Climb: 1213m

As we are further west and the sun rises later, we are trying to adjust our body clock to wake later, but to no avail! No matter how late we plan to start riding, we’re up at 5h00, drinking tea, coffee, etc. and are ready to ride around 6h00, much to Sarah’s disgust as she thinks we should be able to sleep later!

Waking at Anysberg was no exception, but we were rewarded with yet another great sun rise over the snowy mountain we had left at Seweweekspoort the day before. The last of the snow for this trip we thought as we rode off in normal riding gear for the first time since I think Venda!

Anysberg is pristine karoo veld, surprisingly lush and green as there is no shortage of water here. It was great to see what karoo veld can look like. Again we saw game as we bobbed along the rough trail they think is a road down to the Touws River before exiting the park and starting the long steady climb up along the river. Again, we were in no mood to hang around and were off at pace giving Sarah a tough time to catch us before we left the road onto a trail along the railway line near the town of Touwsrivier. She caught us just in time, refueled us and left for a ‘shopping expedition’ in Touwsrivier. When will she learn that little towns in the middle of no-where don’t have malls???

Much to our amazement as we rode along the railway line, we saw the Matroosberg in the distance, covered in snow! Oh no, we thought, not more as the weather was nice and warm. Well, were needn’t have worried as the snow didn’t affect us.

The trail runs through a SANDF restricted area and we had no way of getting permission to enter. We decided that there are times when apologizing may not be appropriate and that this was one of them as they may have more than bird shot!! So, we decided to ride the tar road around the obstacle and rejoin the trail as it heads into the Matroosberg through a valley of cherry farms. It turned out to be a long pull up the valley, but a great environment to ride in.

Tired but happy to be in the warm sun, we arrived at Klondyke Cherry Farm to stay in one of their cottages.

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