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Mountain Biking - Blog Entry 13

Spine of the Dragon - Blog Entry 13

Spine of the Dragon - Blog 12
Spine of the Dragon - Blog 12
Day 30
Start: Dordrecht
Finish: Molteno
Distance: 113km
Climb: 1506m
Waking up and trying to get going today was quite a comical turn of events! The toll of the last few days were evident with the Colonel staggering around the room trying to get his legs to understand that they need to fit through the usual holes in his pants. The Court Jester was whimpering in his bed for someone to help him up and the Captain was definitely grumpy as he’d not been able to sleep on the plank that was supposed to be a bed! We were staying in the famous Sea Cottage’s old stable on a farm, quite a privilege for us. It did leave me thinking that if he’d had the same sort of bed as I had, he would never have been able to run - let alone be such a winner!
Anyway, after we were back to some sort of normality it was time for the usual daily team photo and then the mounting of our bikes. The first pedal strokes were agony! But the mind is powerful and the body resilient. Soon we were rolling down the trail at a steady pace expecting a reasonably comfortable ride to Romansfontein to stay with our friends the Terrblanche family who always shower us with first-class hospitality.
The first couple of hours went by uneventfully with us being able to get back into storytelling and chatting as we rode. The Jester had obviously been pondering a major riding issue for some time and thought this the right moment to announce that his bike was obviously the fastest as he rolled down the hills quicker than the rest of us. I had to go into Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity, etc. to prove that it wasn’t the bikes, but in fact ‘fast fat’ as Danie outweighs both Craig and I by about 15kg, which comes in handy when going downhill, but not so much the case when gravity is working against him!
Unfortunately, the westerly came up and put pay to our intended recovery ride! It was head down into the wind with the three of us alternately sheltering each other from the wind in order to make progress. Chatting disappeared and we couldn’t really take in much of the surrounding countryside, which was a pity. I do remember seeing the turn to Jenny’s Cottage and thinking how different things look in this area when they are not covered in snow, like it was in June 2007 when I Iast visited.
After a few stops to support us Sarah set off to do some shopping in Molteno expecting to see a shopping mall or two! We caught up with her in the only coffee shop in the town, had a cappuccino and quiche (which Danie says is girl’s food) and then set off for the last 20km to Romansfontein. We arrived to the usual friendly welcome and were spoiled by our hosts again.

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