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Mobile wildlife app will allow shared sightings

ParkSpotter Africa
ParkSpotter Africa

Available for iPhone and iPad, ParkSpotter Africa is a brand new innovative wildlife app,which is the first of its kind to allow you to spot and share wildlife sightings on social media, and also photograph, identify, save and share these sightings with geo-location, date, time and categories to create a personal record of sightings – or even a life list. This unique feature also enables other visitors to the park to view the sighting’s photo first before rushing off to the scene. The sightings feature is also designed to allow the user to upload photos and sightings at a later stage to edit the information afterwards, if they don’t want to upload them immediately.

Another pioneering feature of ParkSpotter Africa is that all content, including the detailed park maps, are stored on the phone itself, and so except for sharing your sightings, you do not need costly internet access while using the App in the parks - an innovative and long-awaited practical addition to wildlife apps in general.

Added to the long list of informative and interactive features are detailed maps, park-specific fauna & flora checklists, well-researched information on species and striking visual content.

Currently the app comprises of five Southern Africa parks including: Kruger National Park (North), Kruger National Park (South), Etosha National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and the Addo Elephant National Park, with many more parks to be released soon.

ParkSpotter Africa is free to download from the iTunes App Store which will allow users to select a demo park and view some of its content as well as upload up to 10 sightings. To gain access to all the content and maps, each park is available as separate in-app purchases at $ 4.99 each (Kgalagadi, Etosha and Addo) and $ 6.99 each (Kruger North and Kruger South).

For more information and to watch the preview video of the app, visit

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