“We’re better TOGETHER”

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The Red Sock story began when three soldiers held in a prisoner of war camp during WW2 promised to wear Red Socks to remember each other and always be “TOGETHER“, should they make it back home alive.

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This symbol of “TOGETHERNESS” was then brought to life again years later when two friends, John McInroy and Ian Symons, sought a way to honour and celebrate life through their own friendship. Hearing the tale of the original Red Sockers, and in a crazy moment, they too decided to give each-other a pair of red socks and vowed to wear them every Friday. By doing this small inconsequential thing they committed to consciously connect, remember and celebrate their friendship, and to always be “TOGETHER” no matter where they might physically be in the world. 

Today the spirit of the Red Socks has spread across the world and they are worn on Fridays in over 70 countries. The simple act of gifting them OR exchanging them and then wearing them on Fridays has brought, and continues to bring, people from all walks of life ‘TOGETHER’:


  • For many it has become just a simple way to consciously remind each-other, on one day every week, that they are loved and that they belong ‘together’.
  • For some, wearing Red Socks on Fridays is all about keeping memories alive of dear ones who may have already passed-on.
  • For some the exchanging and wearing of Red Socks has helped inspire acts of forgiveness and redemption, helping to heal and bring back to life many scarred and broken relationships.
  • For others, it is a powerful statement, a  way of saying to others: ”I am with you, I see you, I hear you, I get strength from you, I love you…. in spite of our differences – social, cultural, political, language, racial, religious – we are NOT separate. Yes, we are different, but we are both also human, we are also connected, we live on common-ground, we are also the SAME”.
  • For some, wearing Red Socks together on Fridays has been an easy way to stand next to a friend, to show support and encouragement, to help them get back up on their feet, to motivate them to have the faith and courage to keep moving, especially when the journey of life gets hard.


No matter what “Together” means to you, we believe that the real MAGIC of “connecting” through pairs of Red Socks comes from the positive blessings and powerful ‘life-giving’ thoughts that they help trigger and that are being sent out across the globe throughout Fridays. 

Remember too that by becoming a Red Socker you now belong to a huge global community of people like you, also wearing Red Socks on Fridays (and usually out in nature running, cycling, surfing, skiing or doing something crazy in them!!) and who are also just trying to live a happy, active, fun- loving life. So look out for usJ.

Oh yeah! And lastly, why do we call them ShoOops?! Well, if you didn’t know already, ShoOops is the sound that the mighty God of the universe hears every time a good thought and blessing is sent and received by someone wearing Red Socks on a Friday down here on earthJ.

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