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Dear friends, dear customers, dear partners, and all of those who follow and support us through social media. It is with great sadness that we announce the destruction of "Zebra Lodge", which occurred on June 10, 2017, during a huge fire that ravaged the entire region. Be reassured, we are all fine and in good health, as are our employees, who are also in shock.

Thank you from our heart for all your messages and phone calls of sympathy and encouragements. These marks of friendliness have really kept us up morally and help us deal with this difficult situation. You have been literally stimulating us.

"Zebra Lodge" was the result of a dream, which appeared to us on our first visit to South Africa in 2001. However, this dream only became reality ten years later, after three years of preparation and planning, and its conception. "Zebra Lodge" was five years of passion that have allowed us to grow our vision.

Yes, we are devastated, we are broken hearted. Not only because of the loss of the fruit of all our efforts, but also for our employees who are now jobless. Some having been working for us from the beginning. Not only this tragedy deprived them from employment, but it also deprives them of an income to support themselves and their family. 

"NEW - Zebra Lodge!

"Despite the harsh reality of this tragedy, we won’t give up and our energy is now oriented towards the future. This energy will be greatly needed to gather all the necessary funds to rebuild everything, not only for us to live, but also to give our employees their job back.

This energy will also be necessary to give attention to our animals who, due current exceptional circumstances (drought and a third burned pastures, entered the winter), require extra food supplementation in grass and pellets.

Moreover, for several months, in addition to "Zebra Lodge", we have also started a vineyard project. To date, a plot of 1500m2 was fitted and fenced to keep animals away. This project involves the planting of 500 different varieties of vines in order to study the growth, in order to choose the most suitable plant for our soil and climate. This to extend culture to make wine. We hope, in future, to be able to continue this project which is important to us.

As Inês has said: "Pursue a family custom!

"Become"Zebra Lodge”

In order for us to regain our footing and continue our adventure in this beautiful country, we are asking for your support: every franc, every euro, every dollar, every rand, each contribution will be of great support to us.

In return, for every payment, we are committed to offers you the equivalent value in accommodation during your next stays (to be used during the next 5 years by you or the person of your choice, as a gift.)

We would be happy to welcome you at Zebra Lodge and are already looking forward for your visit, not only to share our passion with you, but, above all, to thank you personally. 

You can make bank transfer into the following accounts: (Switzerland and UE, preferably toward the UBS)

With our most heartfelt thanks

Florbela, Inês & Didier.



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