Hout Bay market shines a spotlight on local talent

The last year has been particularly hard on the entertainment industry. Before Covid-19 hit our shores, musicians had to hustle to perform at local venues and put out new music in their spare time, but with the hard lockdown, not only were music venues such as restaurants, clubs and bars closed but festivals were completely shut down for the foreseeable future. But, as soon as restrictions were relaxed, local Hout Bay market Bay Harbour Market, knew that an important element for a day at their market was live entertainment.

“Of course, people come for the vendors, food stalls and to explore Hout Bay, but it is an added treat to enjoy a light lunch and something to drink while listening to great live music,” says Luke Fridjhon, music manager for Bay Harbour Market. The Bay Harbour Market sound stage offers artists an opportunity to showcase their talent to a wide demographic and audience from all walks of life.

With his authentic rock vocal delivery and awesome guitar skills, Mark Haze has become a regular fixture on the stage at the market so much so it almost feels like a second home to him, “It’s like a comfort you normally get from family,” he laughs. “The people are dynamic and their energy is infectious – I’ve never had a bad time on that stage.” Lead vocalist and harp player Terry Porter from blues band The Bootleggers 100% agrees and wouldn’t have it any other way. “We have never had a disappointing evening at Bay Harbour Market. They’re always responsive and a session there always ends with everyone on their feet singing and dancing.” While laidback jazz/light house funk/reggae outfit, Oceans Riff feel it is a privilege to do what they love for a living, says their bass player Joshua Daniels, “Being respected and appreciated for doing just that – it’s what makes performing live so great for artists.”

Having been exposed to music his whole life, Terry doesn’t go a day without singing or listening to music. This is why he feels that platforms like Bay Harbour Market are so vital for the industry. Being able to showcase their work and the time and effort put into their art on a world-class stage is why, for Joshua, they always come back to perform at the market.

“There’s no entry charge so people can come in, have a listen and leave with a whole new experience without losing anything,” explains Terry. It’s a sentiment Mark sees when he visits the market as well.

“As the music manager and in-house sound engineer, I want to ensure that the musicians enjoy their experience as much as the crowd,” says Luke. “Being happy and comfortable on stage will always result in a better performance.” He strives to create a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere with the live music program and offer relatable music that the audience can sing along or tap their feet too.

Artists looking for an opportunity to perform at the market can email info@bayharbour.co.za.  For more information about the traders and what they have to offer, go to http://bayharbour.co.za/ and follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bayharbour , Twitter https://twitter.com/bayharbourmkt and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bayharbourmarket/.