The new Baxter Restaurant is now open to patrons and the public, from 7am to 9pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Jason and Jaqueline Volckaert, from Cocoa wah wah-fame, and managed by Mambwe Chuba and team. The daily menu is varied with something for everyone’s budget, with vegetarian offerings as well as Cocoa wah wah favourites such as their popular freshly baked cakes on site, hot chocolates, barista coffees, ice-cold crushes, burgers, pasta, salads and wraps. A buffet meal is on offer in the evenings, along with the daily menu.

“We have crafted a menu that has something for all budgets and most tastes. In our almost 20 years we have always had an enthusiastic halaal following. Although our kitchen is not certified halaal we only use halaal-certified chicken in the buffet meals and we make great effort in the preparation of meals and the sourcing of recipes to ensure that they exclude alcohol and pork,” says Jason.

To book, please call the restaurant on 064 777 4899 or email